“The artist should not do anything, but he is obliged to be” (Zbigniew Warpechowski)

The project presents performance, installation and video composed of fragments of performances, where the behavior and figures of artists are presented. Different small sculpture, various mannerisms of performance, various contexts were included in one uninterrupted video series. Thanks to graphic processing, black and white the picture is devoid of subjective burden, freed from names, surnames and details identifying their owners.

In the first one you get the impression that the video recorded human activities in everyday life. Just such a juxtaposition, the author tries to reveal the artist’s presence during the performance of the performance in a personal and not just a physical aspect. After all, activities in space, activities with objects take place around us still, but they rarely attract our attention. The artist’s clear actions directed at the viewer are special carriers of information. During the performance, the artist is in a special condition – he gives himself over to the audience, becomes an instrument of his message – he says with his own body.

Often, the items used in the operation help raise the artist’s idea. Accenting on things or changing their interpretation evokes new content, strengthening the power of perception.
Sometimes revealing the context of an object leads to his domination over the artist. The output of the object in the foreground frees the viewer’s attention from the need to perceive the artist as a person in the center, exposing his role as an intermediary in the communication process.

The project was implemented under the supervision of professor Janusz Baldyga (Poznan, Poland, 2018),
as part of the GAUDE POLONIA scholarship program.